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Bill Simmons, John Green, and 4 others have Tweets for you

paula fortuna,
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'That Boy Competed'
The only thing stopping the Russell Westbrook Show is the LeBron James Finale.
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Bill Simmons

Bristol Palin's Lifetime Reality Series Bombs
The premiere of Lifetime's new reality series Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp last night drew an underwhelming 726,000 total viewers and 254,000 adults 18-49
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Michael Ausiello

Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Emilie de Ravin Promoted to Series Regular for Season 2
We couldn't have conjured up better Once Upon a Time news if you furnished us with a magical well and a flask of Windex and/or love potion: Emilie de Ravin has been upgraded to series regular...
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Michael Ausiello

Exclusive (plus video): Chatting with Michael Ian Black
What does it take to get a pregnant lady out in 92-degree heat? I'll give you three words: Michael Ian Black.
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Current TV

New Data on Higgs Boson Is Shrouded in Secrecy at CERN
Physicists are crunching new data in the search for the Higgs boson; this is the boson's last stand.
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F Gary Gray @F_Gary_Gray 19 Jun
I'm casting for my next film STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. Spread the word! Thanks!
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The New York Times @nytimes 19 Jun
NYT NEWS ALERT: Hosni Mubarak, Ousted Egyptian Leader, Declared Clinically Dead, Officials Say
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Roy Hobbson @royhobbson 20 Jun
"Rutherford B. Hayes: Bargain Hunter" #LessInterestingMovies
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Joy Behar @JoyVBehar 20 Jun
I'm having a blast on Current! Joining me tonight is Frank Rich from @NYMag and @michaelianblack. Three more nights until the fall.
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EnigMaa @EnigmaNetxx 20 Jun
@CurrentSpitzer @current.... I BET His Horse EATS Better Food Then Working Class Poor Families..... WOW..WHAT A SNOB!?
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