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Ricky Martin, 50cent, and 4 others have Tweets for you

paula fortuna,
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Anthony Chicago Hall @BlackAssChi 15 Jul
Last nite @SHAQ had fun @ his daughters Sweet 16 party. He probably recruited a new generation of Omega Psi Phi as well
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Bruce Wayne @BlessNBNY 15 Jul
@50cent Boxing like ya favorite sport wussup with a Boxing movie #SK?
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Chris Andres @anewsboy 14 Jul
@nprscottsimon I am waiting for them to begin looking for the Higgs Bosun's Mate. Haven't you been, or have we already missed it?
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Zadry Ferrer-Geddes @ZadryG 14 Jul
I could watch @current Vanguard documentaries ALL day long #addicted
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Rachel Lapp @RachelLapp 14 Jul
Ay! :) Celebriphilia is abnormally intense desire to have a romantic or sexual encounter with a celebrity. (via @UberFacts) @ricky_martin
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Fringe @ Comic-Con: Final Season Talk Begets Tears and Movie Buzz — Watch the Trailer Here!
Fringe's final Comic-Con panel gave the Firefly anniversary cryfest a run for its money on Sunday afternoon. When not getting emotional, the cast and executive producer Joel Wyman shared some...
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Michael Ausiello

Michael Ausiello
GLEE panel over -- here's the cast rating my moderating job. #SDCC
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Michael Ausiello
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